Car Freshener Policy

Please ensure you follow all of our detailed instructions before using your car freshener. 

Oil can damage car surfaces. Please place responsibly, oil should never come in contact with car interior. If oil comes in contact, clean immediately and remove the product. Product should never be dripping oil. Please be careful when placing it on areas other than rearview mirror, hanging it on other areas may cause damage to occur.

We do not recommend tipping the item for longer than 2 seconds, tipping the item before the lid is completely dry, do not allow cap and string to be saturated in oil, hang the product using wooden ball, and allow oil to drip on interior of car.

CE CRAFT is not liable for any damages caused by spilled or dripped oil. If any oil comes in contact with your car, wipe away immediately. By purchasing our product you release CE Craft from any liability. If you receive a damaged item (cracked lid, etc.) please contact us for a replacement before using the product. Using a damaged product can cause damage.